Welcome message from Archbishop Makarios

Welcome message from Archbishop Makarios

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Welcome to the official website of the National Committee for the Bicentenary of the beginning of the Hellenic Revolution (1821-2021). The aim of the National Committee is the organisation of a number of activities and events throughout Australia on behalf of the Holy Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia and other bodies, Greek Associations and Organisations, in honour of the 200th anniversary of the National Regeneration, as well as the coordination of related activities and events throughout the continent of Australia.

Through this website, every Greek male and female, wherever they are, as well as every friend of Greece, will be given the opportunity to follow the development and unfolding of a rich program of activities and events that will take place in Australia under the auspices of our local Church during the anniversary year of 2021.

Indicative of the dynamism that characterises the Greeks of Australia is that the commemorative program includes more than 250 activities and events. However, because the aim is not so much the quantitative as the qualitative characteristics of the celebrations for our National Regeneration, I am convinced that the content of the program is worthy of the honour we owe to our heroic ancestors. This is not a simple assessment but a deep conviction, which stems from the daily contact with people who have preserved, as the apple of their eye, the ideals and traditions of the Homeland. For this reason, the inspiration, organisation and participation in the commemorative events do not stem from a procedural logic but arise from a deep-seated and heartfelt need to express our gratitude to all those who fought and sacrificed themselves for a free Greece.

I am certain that during the commemorative year of 2021, we will pay due tribute to the Heroes of ’21 and, at the same time, we will forge a unity of Hellenism on the fifth continent, thus, confirming that in all our veins flows the blood of the martyrs, who died for our Faith and that of the heroes of our Nation!

Many blessed years to everyone!